SHIELDSEAL X Solvent based clear concrete sealer and primer

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Need a heavy duty clear long lasting thinners based acrylic primer or sealer for your driveway or path? Then Shieldcoat SHIELDSEAL X is what you need

SHIELDSEAL X Solvent based clear concrete sealer and primer

Shieldcoat SHIELDSEAL X comes in 15 litre pails and is a clear long lasting primer or sealer for your driveway or path. SHIELDSEAL X is solvent based and washes up with thinners.

Were would I use SHIELDSEAL X?

Shieldcoat SHIELDSEAL X is all-acrylic solvent-based binder specifically recommended for resealing and priming concrete prior to applying a finished coating like Shieldcoat’s FLOORSHIELD, Shieldcoat’s CONCRESHIELD X (All Colours), Shieldcoat’s CONCRESHIELD X 2 PAC (All Colours) or STENCILSHIELD. SHIELDSEAL X can be applied by soft-bristle broom, lambs wool applicator, roller or by spray application.

How good is SHIELDSEAL X?

Shieldcoat has chosen a specific resin for SHIELDSEAL X, the resin’s characteristics including excellent durability, good wet adhesion properties, great gloss retention, low water sensitivity and through dry capabilities. These qualities in Shieldcoat SHIELDSEAL X give you excellent value for money!


SHIELDSEAL X Solvent... F.A.Q.

Why would I need to use a solvent based solvent sealer?

If you are going to be using Shieldcoat’s CONCRESHIELD X (All Colours) or Shieldcoat’s CONCRESHIELD 2 PAC (All Colours), you need to use SHIELDSEAL X so you get the best adhesion as well as maximum longivitey out of your coating.

What kind of coverage will I get out of a 15litre pail of SHIELDSEAL X

How do I apply SHIELDSEAL X?

Details on applying this product can be found in two places on this website,
1.On the DIY How To Projects information pages, on that page just select the job that you are needing to do from the blue list on the left side and that will take you to the page that has the detailed step by step process pf your job methods of application for SHIELDSEAL X.
2. Or you can download the product and application PDF's in the top right corner of this page.

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