Main Stencil for creating patterns with Stencil coatings

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Come and see how the concrete stencil can add new life to your concrete driveway or path. We have DIY guides that take the stress out of the project!

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Main Stencil for creating patterns with Stencil coatings

Main Stencil is a wax coated cardboard stencil that comes in a number of patterns to suit all tastes. It is designed to be held down with Blutac and discarded once used.

Were would I use Main Stencil?

If you have a large area and want to give it a bit of style, then Main Stencil is an easy way to transform a large concrete area into something that is attractive rather than an eyesore. You lay Main Stencil onto the driveway or concrete area, holding it down where needed by Blutac, taking care to join up each run of the stencil with the other carefully so as not to be able to see the join. Once you are satisfied with the stencil then you continue with the Stencilshield process. Once you have finish applying STENCILSHIELD Top & Base Coat you can remove the stencil leaving the desired pattern behind.

What different patterns are available?

There are a number of different patterns available in the Product Options box on the right.

How good is Main Stencil to use?

The Main Stencil is easy to apply and remove for the DIY person, making it the perfect product for doing your borders on your stencil driveway.

Main Stencil for... F.A.Q.

How wide is the Main Stencil?

Main Stencil is 1 metre wide and comes in either 100 metre or 50 metre length rolls, just choose which length you prefer from the drop down box below the prices at the top of this page.

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