Stencil Tape- 12mm Fibreglass reinforced tape

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Want to mark out a border band or brick pattern on the edge of your new stencil driveway? Then this 12mm Stencil Tape will do the job with ease

Stencil Tape- 12mm Fibreglass reinforced tape

Stencil Tape is a 12mm Fiberglass reinforced adhesive tape, with great adhesive qualities. Stencil Tape comes in 50 metre length rolls.

Were would I Stencil Tape?

If you are wanting a border band or even brick pattern border and don’t want to use a stencil, then you can use the Stencil Tape to mark out your border and then remove it once you have applied STENCILSHIELD Top & Base Coat to your concrete driveway or path leaving the border pattern you desire behind.

How good is Stencil Tape?

The Stencil Tape is easy to apply and remove due to its fibreglass reinforcing and good adhesive qualities, making it the perfect product for doing your borders on your stencil driveway.

Stencil Tape- 12mm... F.A.Q.

Q: I was wondering if Stencil Tape is stretchy or not?

A: Stencil Tape is a semi ridged tape, it has reinforcing fibres embedded into the tape, so generally it will not stretch. However, if you leave it in the sun and then try to stretch it with force you will be able to stretch it a little.

Q: Do I require a special tool to put down the tape before spraying my concrete?

A: You just put the Stencil Tape down by hand; there is no special tool that you need. Just once you have placed the tape in position, press it down firmly so that when you are spraying you don't get under spray, underneath the tape.

Q: How long is a roll of Stencil Tape?

A: Stencil Tape comes in 50 metre long rolls.

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