NanoProtect SC-96 Clear Protective Coating

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Want to protect your Roofbond Roofing Paint coating system? You need NanoProtect SC-96, it is a revolutionary protective top coat for all roof types!

15 Litre Pail
NanoProtect SC-96 Clear Protective Coating

Shieldcoat’s NanoProtect SC-96 comes in 15 litre pails and is ideal as a top coat over Shieldcoat’s ROOFBOND Roofing Paint, increasing the life of the coating system immensely. NanoProtect is very easy to use and washes up with water!

Were would I use NanoProtect SC-96?

NanoProtect SC-96 Clear Protective Coating is designed especially as a final coat over Roofbond Roofing Paint when restoring all roof types.

How good is NanoProtect SC-96?

NanoProtect SC-96 has undergone more than 6 years of weathering field trials with outstanding results in durability and retention. It combines a new resin system, unique self-cleaning and anti-fade technologies with Shieldcoat's easy to use formula, making NanoProtect the most effective system on the market today.

As the name suggests, NanoProtect SC-96 also incorporates nano technology, using particle sizes thousands of times smaller than previously possible to create a much harder, denser film. The key benefits of this are:

1. Greatly increased dirt pick-up resistance (self-cleaning)

2. Increased UV resistance (protects against fading)

3. Increased scratch/marks resistance

4. Excellent gloss retention

Shieldcoat are so confident in the superior performance of the Nano-Protect SC-96, Roofbond and Shieldseal coating system that they offer a 12 year product guarantee.

Do you want more details on NanoProtect SC-96? - SEE PDF’s ON RIGHT SIDE OF THIS PAGE.

NanoProtect SC-96... F.A.Q.

How do I apply NanoProtect SC-96?

Apply 1 thin coat of NanoProtect SC-96 after Roofbond Roofing Paint is completely dry. Use a 517 airless spray tip, at a rate of 10 square metres per litre.
Please see Shieldcoat’s ROOFBOND Roofing paint (All Colours) for more information.

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