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THERMOBOND Heat Reflective Paint - Save $$$ On Your Power Bill THERMOBOND-Heat-Reflective-Paint---Save-$$$-On-Your-Power-Bill Are you looking for a coating that will reflect heat by up to 30% on your roof or walls? DIY Heat Reflective paint will save your electricity bills!
Buy - from $237.85
FLOORSHIELD- Protective coating for concrete or timber floor FLOORSHIELD--Protective-coating-for-concrete-or-timber-floor Are you looking for a paint that is hard wearing for concrete or timber floors? FLOORSHIELD is a hard wearing acrylic polyurethane coating for floors
Buy - from $245.00
TERRABOND Clear Glaze TERRABOND-Clear-Glaze Looking to restore your old terracotta tile roof and give it a new tile look? Shieldcoat TERRABOND will restore your roof back to its original finish
Buy - from $169.90
ROOFBOND Roofing paint (Clear Glaze) ROOFBOND-Roofing-paint-(Clear-Glaze) Want to paint your roof, whether it is metal, tiled or fibro, to give that original shine? Then ROOFBOND Roofing Paint (Clear) will do just that.
Buy - from $169.90
ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing for ridge capping ROOFBOND-Flexible-Pointing-for-ridge-capping Need a flexible pointing that seals and locks down ridge caps on cement or terracotta tiled roofs and won't crack or allow the ridge cap to come off?
Buy - from $72.30
ROOFBOND Roof Paint (All Colours) - Durable Roofing Paint ROOFBOND-Roof-Paint-(All-Colours)---Durable-Roofing-Paint Want to restore your tile, corrugated iron, Colourbond or asbestos roof? Come explore Roofbond high quality acrylic high gloss roof paint today!
Buy - from $173.50
SHIELDSEAL W sealer for terracotta roofs SHIELDSEAL-W-sealer-for-terracotta-roofs Want to make sure that your roof paint adheres properly to your terracotta tiled roof? Then SHIELDSEAL W is the sealer you need!
Buy - from $132.00
RUSTSHIELD W fast drying acrylic sealer primer RUSTSHIELD-W-fast-drying-acrylic-sealer-primer Do you have a lightly rusted metal roof that you want to paint quickly? RUSTSHIELD W is what you need to prepare your roof before applying roof paint
Buy - from $223.00
MOULDSHIELD C Mould and Grease Cleaner MOULDSHIELD-C-Mould-and-Grease-Cleaner Do you need to remove grease or mould off concrete driveway or slab, tiled, iron or asbestos roof? This Mould and Grease Cleaner is what you need!
Buy - from $171.40
NanoProtect SC-96 Clear Protective Coating NanoProtect-SC-96-Clear-Protective-Coating Want to protect your Roofbond Roofing Paint coating system? You need NanoProtect SC-96, it is a revolutionary protective top coat for all roof types!
Buy - from $245

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