ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing for ridge capping

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Need a flexible pointing that seals and locks down ridge caps on cement or terracotta tiled roofs and won't crack or allow the ridge cap to come off?

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ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing for ridge capping

Shieldcoat’s ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing comes in 10 litre pails and a large range of colours. Shieldcoat’s ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing is very easy for the DIY person to use and washes up with water!

Were would I use ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing?

ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing is specially designed for pointing concrete or terracotta ridge caps once they have been bedded down.

How good is ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing?

The advantages of ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing is that it has excellent hold down properties and is flexible therefore giving great longevity. As a result Shieldcoat give a 10 year warranty.

Shieldcoat’s ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing system uses an all acrylic binder specifically

recommended for new roof and roof refurbishment applications. It is manufactured in Australia specifically for our unique and demanding climate.

The product has proven itself in the area of dry hold down, especially in high wind areas such as Australia’s eastern seaboard.

The product conforms to CSIRO AS2050 appendix F to a C3 rating.

Some key benefits and features of ROOFBOND’s Flexible Pointing unique formulation are:

1. Very easy trowel application and fine finish.

2. Fast hardness development

3. Solid dry hold down

4. Excellent exterior durability

5. Good water resistance

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ROOFBOND Flexible... F.A.Q.

Can I use ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing on a terracotta roof?

Yes, ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing is designed of terracotta and cement tile roofs.

Do I bed the ridge tiles down with ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing?

No, ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing is designed for the final pointing of the ridge caps, helping the bonding as well as giving the pointing the colour you want that will last a long time. To bed the tile you should use sand and cement with Concrebond added to provide a good bond. Once capping is bedded then cut back the bedding mortar approximately 2-5 millimetres from the edge of the tile to allow room for the ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing. Apply the ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing with a pointing trowel.

How long is ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing warranted for?

10 long years, giving you peace of mind for a very long time!

Do I have to mix or add anything to ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing?

No, ROOFBOND Flexible Pointing comes in the colour you choose and is premixed. All you have to do is give it a light mix and it is ready to be used!

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