Poly cloth to be used with Watershield A Waterproof Membrane

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Need a poly cloth to use with Watershield A to give you a flexible and durable membrane for your concrete roof or floor? Poly cloth is what you need

25 Metre roll
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Poly cloth to be used with Watershield A Waterproof Membrane

Shieldcoat’s Poly cloth is designed to be used in conjunction with Watershield A, an acrylic water based coating that is designed to go on concrete. Poly cloth comes in 1m wide rolls that are 25 metres in length and are generally white in colour.

Were would I use Poly cloth?

Do you have a concrete roof or floor that is cracked and leaking or needs protecting? Shieldcoat’s Poly cloth when used in conjunction with Shieldcoat’s Watershield A is ideal for waterproofing your cracked and leaking concrete roof or floor. Shieldcoat’s Poly cloth gives the membrane the reinforcing it requires while Watershield A remains flexible once dry. These two products work extremely well together so it will resist cracking if the substrate moves.

Poly cloth to be used... F.A.Q.

How much Poly cloth will I need, what kind of coverage will I get out of a roll?

In the top right corner of this page there is a coverage calculator in a blue box. All you need to do is type in how many coats you will need to apply, then the dimensions OR the square meters that you need to cover, then press the red tick box, the calculator it will work out the quantity that you will need to do your job.

How do I apply Poly cloth?

Details on applying this product can be found in two places on this website,
1. On the DIY 'How To' Guides information page, on that page just select the job that you are needing to do from the blue list on the left side and that will take you to the page that has the detailed step by step process of your job and methods of application for Watershield A.
2. Or you can download the product info and application PDF's in the top right corner of this page in the ‘Free Product Downloads’ box.

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Poly cloth to be used...

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