ANTI-SLIP 2 (Wax Beads) a medium grade anti slip additive

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Need medium non slip paint finish on your concrete driveway, stone, tiles or cement path? Add ANTI-SLIP 2- (Wax Beads) to your clear or coloured pain

ANTI-SLIP 2 (Wax Beads) a medium grade anti slip additive

Shieldcoat ANTI-SLIP 2- (Wax Beads) is an additive that comes in 500 Gram and 1 Kilogram pails and provides an medium anti slip surface for usually slippery surfaces such as step treads, ramps and areas that are regularly wet.

Were would I use ANTI-SLIP 2- (Wax Beads)?

Do you have an area that becomes slippery when it gets wet on your concrete driveway, garage floor, stone, tiles or cement path? ANTI-SLIP 2- (Wax Beads) is an medium grade additive that provides a good non slip surface on step treads, ramps and areas that are slippery when wet. You mix ANTI-SLIP 2- (Wax Beads) into first coat Shieldcoat’s FLOORSHIELD, Shieldcoat’s CONCRESHIELD X (All Colours), Shieldcoat’s CONCRESHIELD X 2 PAC (All Colours) before you apply the first coat to for your concrete driveway, garage floor, stone, tiles or cement path, or alternatively you can sprinkle them on the top of your first coat while it is still wet. When applying the second coat there is no need to mix in ANTI-SLIP 2- (Wax Beads), it is only required in the first coat.

Do you want a more aggressive anti slip additive?

Then see also Shieldcoat’s ANTI-SLIP 1- (Refined Silica) or Shieldcoat’s ANTI-SLIP 3- (Refined Silica).

ANTI-SLIP 2 Wax Beads... F.A.Q.

How much ANTI-SLIP 2- (Wax Beads) will I need?

A 1 litre pail of ANTI-SLIP 2- (Wax Beads) is designed to cover the same area that a 15 litre pail covers. So if you work out how many pails you need for your first coat, then this is how many 1 litre pails of ANTI-SLIP 2- (Wax Beads) you will need for your job.

How do I apply ANTI-SLIP 2- (Wax Beads)?

Details on applying this product can be found in two places on this website,
1.On the DIY How To Projects information pages, on that page just select the job that you are needing to do from the blue list on the left side and that will take you to the page that has the detailed step by step process pf your job methods of application for ANTI-SLIP 2- (Wax Beads).
2. Or you can download the product and application PDF's in the right side of this page.

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